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Working closely with Shropshire based electronics specialists AWADE, we are proud to announce that we offer the following electronic design and manufacturing solutions:-

• Analogue & digital circuit design.
• Embedded software in PIC and ATMEGA.
• DC & AC motor control packages.
• Schematics & PCB design.
• Prototyping and small volume production in SMT and TH technologies.

We are also able to assist you in compliance with EU directives for the application of the CE mark.
Compliance assessments and technical construction files for:-
EMC, Low Voltage, Machinery, Medical Devices, RoHS & WEEE.

We offer a ‘chaperone’ service for your products during EMC testing at a Shropshire based accredited test house. This ensures an EMC specialist is on hand during the testing and able to offer solutions should your products suffer any EMC test failure.