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AV Birch testimonial


"I’ve worked with Dudley design for over 20 years, when there weren’t many people around that offered that outsourced design office service. I’ve always had a very good ongoing working relationship with Dudley, whether this is to deliver projects designed by their engineers coming into our factory and taking measurements on the factory floor or working in their own office. Over the years, they’ve provided us with a very flexible service and now we have expanded and have our own design team in house they work alongside us as and when they are needed.

Their design engineers are excellent, I’ve never found anything that they can’t do!

Day to day their communication is good. Most of the work is produced on time and on budget. If a technical issue does arise, it’s highlighted and they are easy to deal with over the telephone and get the problem solved straight away. We never get any complications.

I’ve never had a problem with their designs. Once a project is completed and signed off it goes straight into production. Dudley Design charge out rates for their engineers are good value for money.

Maurice (Arnold) is very good at fitting the needs of the job to the right engineer. He has even helped me with recruitment when we’ve been unable to find a suitably qualified engineer to employ."

Graham Clark
Works Director
AV Birch