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Various Projects for Sale

Over the last 28 years DDTS have carried out many projects for all types of companies. Most have been completed and paid for in the usual way. However, in very few cases the work has not been paid for and therefore not completed. (Usually because the client has gone out of business for various reasons, not connected with the project)
If your company or anyone that you are aware of may be interested in picking up one or more of these projects at a very keen price then please contact us and we will discuss if we can come to a deal!
The list of projects included the following:
1) Narrow Boat Drawings
2) Parcel Post-box
3) Hydraulic Bench Vice
4) Hog Roast Machine
5) Undertaker’s Stretcher
6) Invalid Scooter
7) Garage Car Lift
8) Car Driver or Passenger Exit Aid
9) Car Drive Turntable
10) Summer and Winter Barbecue Garden House
11) Waste Bin Shelter

Please contact DDTS if you feel we can help each other…